Corporate Films Production Company Ahmedabad

A Corporate Film is the most effective medium to reach out the nook and corner of the business world, convey the correct and clear visual messages about your products & services worldwide. We have indeed certain powerful ideas to be pumped in for producing a Corporate Film, borne out of the prolonged research done by our creative team. Our work ethics are based on purest principles, perfect services, precision & pricing and intangible quality that gives more value for your money.

Corporate Film

Here a range of options are available. You can choose from the basic VHS ( a video type) to U-matic to Beta cam depending upon the delivery medium ( ex. Broadcast on television or LCD projector) and budget. VHS has reasonably good quality while U-matic has very good output capabilities. Beta cam is on the higher side of the quality spectrum and is comparable to broadcast quality (like you see on TV). Our technical team can suggest the best option for you and educate you about the most suitable one. Our experienced videographers & photographers are capable of excellent coverage of your various wares and locations. We can do multi-locations on a turnkey basis. Once the shooting is over, we view the footage and see if there is anything that needs repetition and reshoot.

We then capture the whole footage onto our editing workstations in the digital formats. Our creative editors put the ideas envisaged in the concept and script onto the actual film. The film is edited complete with relevant transitions, special effects, cuts and titles to your satisfaction. A spoken script is then developed for the film, which is then dubbed at a professional recording studio at a very high quality utilizing the services of a accomplished voice over artist. Here also we offer a gamut of choices ranging from the Local talent to someone who is best in the show business. This recorded voice over is then implemented in the edited movie along with crisp background music and finalized with panache.

Finally it is packaged and delivered in the media of choice, be it Tape or CDROM. If you have a corporate movie idea brewing in your mind, then please Contact Us