Event Broadcasting and Integration Services

Webcasting is the Web-enabled broadcasting and integration of dynamic rich media. Unlike television or radio, traditional broadcast mediums are limited by geography and one-way delivery. Webcasting leverages the anywhere/anytime convenience of the Internet. And better than simple conventional video and audio streaming, webcasting creates the highest-quality user experience.

Web-enabled broadcasting

Planning a major live event? Want to add pre-recorded product demos to your website? Delivering live just-in-time training? Want to cut through the clutter of a million static websites? Let the Internet media professionals at X-mx Infosoft help you add high-quality on-demand audio/video or live webcasting to your site! X-mx Infosoft lets you transmit live video and audio over the Internet allowing an audience from a select few to an international audience of millions tune into your broadcast.

Communication is a fundamental requisite to successful businesses. As communications become more efficient, additional time can be devoted to core competencies, and a greater opportunity to enhance the bottom line results. Webcasting can be very useful in your online marketing campaign and offers you different ways to create press releases, directory postings, blog entries and more. By adding video in Flash, you can really add some eye-popping effects to your site.

Webcasting can effectively enhance traditional methods of communicating between businesses, within a company, and to a group. A meeting or event can be viewed in real-time, be interactive through audio or chat, and stored on a drive for future viewing.

Furthermore, webcasting utilizes the Internet as a transport mechanism and, as companies already have access, costs decrease while productivity and efficiency increase.

While webcasting is ideally suited for many applications, the following suggests its vast potential:

  • Meetings
  • Special events
  • Collaborative engineering
  • Conferences with key partners
  • Discussions with supply chain partners
  • Sales presentations and demonstrations
  • Voting, panel discussions
  • Q & A
  • Keynote addresses
  • Training
  • Exchanging real time information