Flex Development Services

X-mx team of skilled Flex developers has been extensively using the Flex framework for building and delivering various solutions specifically customized to the clients requirements. Here is a fraction of the innumerable options to congregate a variety of business needs, for either independent applications or components:

Flex developers

Flex Development services

  • Business applications and systems, including those for data visualization, presentation and management. You can have statistical data pulled from a number of resources, visually displayed through dynamic charts and graphs, and update your information whenever necessary and without having to refresh the page.
  • Consulting, business analysis and specification development
  • Highly interactive web solutions, including e-commerce
  • Programming using Flex Builder and Eclipse
  • Flex-based digital signage allowing you to use visually rich and dynamic content which can be easily updated and adapted to a particular environment.
  • Flex and Adobe AIR programming
  • MXML and Action Script development
  • Security and usability testing

In addition to vast expertise in Flex programming proper, our team is skilled in the following working combinations:

  • Flex and Ajax/Java programming
  • Flex and ColdFusion development
  • Flex and .NET programming
  • Flex and PHP programming

This enables to adapt a given application to the customers’ specific needs and requirements and allows extending functionality available with the primarily media/data-centered Flex environment. Our Flex developers work within the agile development framework, which means we value flexibility, welcome creativity and are oriented on continuously delivering single solutions.

Flex is applied for the development of the following solutions

  • Network, communication and other interactive solutions
  • Business systems
  • Statistics management applications
  • Video and audio messaging solutions, classical text messaging solutions
  • CRM and ERP systems
  • Standalone custom solutions