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Information technology is now an essential part of business strategy. All key players participating in your business (employees, customers, suppliers, media…) rely on your IT infrastructure like on a nervous system. At X-mx we know IT. We know how people and IT interact. Our IT consultants are in this industry since last many years and know what works and what hype is.

Information technology

X-mx Infosoft ensure that their many years of consulting experience are transferred to our clients. Whether it is in terms of consulting companies looking at going offshore or lending expertise to help companies analyze their business needs, manage projects etc. X-mx Infosoft have “been there, done that.” In this way we can ensure that we use our consulting experience towards our clients in an optimal way, so that our clients avoid “learning the hard way”.

X-mx focuses on business analysis and application development consulting services. Examples of IT consulting engagements include: business analysis services; planning and design of custom software; quality improvement; application performance assessing and development; recommendations on business and technological compatibility; software project specifications creation; requirements management; customization and implementation.

Focus on answers

  • What kind of technologies should be used for application?
  • What new technologies are coming up?
  • What will happen with today’s IT investments tomorrow when requirements change?
  • How does business benefit from IT innovations?

Our consultants can be placed at client’s site / your premises for 1-3 months. Our consulting team will design the software architecture and business process which will help the development cycle. As a part of consulting services, our team will be onsite and there will be a bigger offshore team to support them.

Our Service Offerings are

  • Business consulting services
  • Preparation of software Design Documents
  • Technology Identification
  • Feasibility Study

Online Business Consulting Services for your Success

  • Supply Chain Management Consulting
  • Customer Relationship Management Consulting
  • ERP Consulting
  • R & D Consulting