Mobile Application Services

Mobile development for the Android platform

Mobile software development expertise by X-mx Infosoft includes applications development for Android operating system with Java programming languages and latest development technologies. We provide Android software development and create Java-based third party mobile applications, software for Smartphone, PDAs, Pocket PCs and other mobile devices.

Android is the framework developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Android is software platform as well as Operating System. It is basically designed on Linux Operating system.

Our Mobile Application Developers has leverage experience in mobile application Development using java language and android framework. We have a proficient expertise in creating android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.

Mobile software

Android development services by X-mx Infosoft

We focus on application development with modern technologies, to meet customer’s requirements and to create mobile applications for business needs. X-mx Infosoft mobile developers offer the following services and technologies:

  • Web-based applications development for mobile devices
  • Java mobile applications development
  • Android games development
  • Mobile business software creation
  • Third-party libraries building
  • Multimedia and security mobile solutions
  • Software development with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support
  • Communication mobile application development
  • Utility applications design and implementation
  • Android QA services

Brief about Android

This operating system for handled devices was released in 2007 by Google and the Open Handset Alliance (including 34 telecom, hardware and software companies). The Android software platform is based on Linux kernel, and it supports Java –like languages from Java libraries developed by Google. The Android development platform is targeted for modern mobile devices with touch screen and multimedia video effects support.

Mobile development for the Iphone

Communication is the key as business started going mobile. With the introduction of iPhone, real time data sharing via wireless solutions has given the mobile application development platform a new look. Apple technologies like iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch framework, Objective-C language have enabled people access high-level applications in their iPhones. iPhone Applications developed using Objective-C are dynamic runtime in nature without the need for recompilation on execution. Using Cocoa Touch framework, X-mx Infosoft has developed interactive applications especially for touch-based, easy-to-use iPhones.

X-mx Infosoft developers have acquired a new direction in software development, which is custom software development for iPhones. We offer services in development of customized applications for iPhones on the base of the authentic iPhone SDK provided by Apple Inc. We also specialize in iPhone Content Development, HTML Pages, Graphics and iPhone Mobile Website Development.

iPhone application development

  • Office/Business application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Internet Application
  • Fun Application
  • Games
  • Utility application etc.
  • Search Tools
  • Social Networking

We also consider requests for developing enterprise solutions based on the iPhone SDK. We are ready to provide detailed description of our iPhone software development projects on request to demonstrate our experience.

iPhone Brief

iPhone is a multi-function mobile phone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. in 2007. The popularity of this “revolutionary” device is constantly growing. Having started in the U.S. iPhone is confidently taking positions on the world market of electronics. With its rich capabilities iPhone looks like an attractive corporate solution for mobile business. At the moment the market of iPhone business solutions is underestimated.

This promising niche is still to be taken by enterprising far-sighted business men. X-mx specialists are ready to offer outsourcing iPhone software development services for those who are interested in the beneficial business of making and selling software for iPhones.

Mobile development for the Windows Mobile

X-mx Infosoft has a rich experience of Windows Mobile Application development on platform like Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003/SE, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2002, 2003, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Net Compact Framework and uses tools like MS Embedded Visual Studio (eVC, eVB) and MS Visual Studio .NET.

X-mx Infosoft windows mobile developers provide different solutions such as Pocket PC software development, creating applications for Smart phones, and other services. We are skilled in developing such applications with Microsoft technologies as standalone mobile software, games, PIM, applications for Smartphone and many others. Our programmers and system analysts will assist you in planning and development of any solution based on Windows Mobile platform.

We can help you in developing diverse and unique mobile applications to meet your business and personal needs. Our tech-savvy and meticulous developers ensure that the final application reflect the specifications.

Windows mobile software development by X-mx Infosoft

  • Custom windows mobile drivers development
  • Windows mobile application development of any complexity
  • Embedded software development for iPhone, Smartphone and Pocket PC
  • Windows mobile consulting
  • Transposition of Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Blackberry, Symbian and other applications to Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 6.1 platform.
  • Games and standalone mobile software development
  • Windows mobile applications integration with other databases
  • Creating wide range of client applications which include offline and online functionality
  • Streaming multimedia application on Windows Mobile
  • Location and GPS based Windows Mobile Application
  • Win CE(5.0 / 6.0) Mobile Client for Sales Force
  • Win CE(5.0 / 6.0) Smart Contact Management System
  • Vehicle tracking services
  • Local Search/ location Search
  • Bulk SMS through SMS Gateway, Bulk SMS provider’s API Integration
  • Event tracking application for iPhones and Nokia based on GPS / GSM network
  • SMS Advertising
  • Mobile Social Networking