Product Development Services

Maintenance & Enhancement

Large ventures and software applications/product companies serve their clients with a fairly complex portfolio of products and solutions. Maintaining such complicated systems, building version improves, and providing customization and integration services can be a very costly and cumbersome enterprise

X-mx specializes in the maintenance of the commercial products and mission-critical enterprise solutions. Our team works in conjunction with client teams to accelerate release cycles, migrate existing solutions to different technology architecture, and deliver maintenance, enhancements, and integration specific to customers.



Market demands and technology are ever varying and cannot be controlled. As technology evolves, innovation fuels the requirements of the market demanding enhanced solutions, improved products, and superior features. Product companies need to keep swiftness with such dynamic changes offering new enhancements and features within a short time framework to maintain their competitive rim and retain clients.

Our dedicated product management team brings together decades of experience working on many enhancement actions addressing diverse needs. The enhancement requirements could be related to:

  • Software Research and Needs Analysis
  • Product performance
  • Usability engineering
  • Interoperability
  • Minor enhancement through new feature
  • Major enhancement with multi features
  • Migration to new platform

Different scenarios can arise when a company’s in-house team is unable to scale up quickly or choose to outsource to a company that does not have the right competency to deliver the required solution. When caught up in such an unfavorable situation a company is at great business risk. X-mx can protect a company from such risks by offering the right mix of resources and expertise to enable a vision of a product’s evolution to become a reality.

Migration & Re-Engineering

We, at X-mx Infosoft experts have vast experience in executing reengineering services. Our proven processes and methodologies, technical knowhow, state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to bring out the reengineering services in a seamless approach with minimum market and technology risks.

Nowadays rapid growing, highly competitive market position demands to keep swiftness with fast growing technologies to maintain a competitive advantage. Reengineering services are required to normalize applications so that IT systems still support the varying business requirements. It ranges from preserving the methodology of the product by just migrating it to another platform to accomplish higher recital to adding more functionality to the solution


X-mx Infosoft use a tool-based approach to re-engineering and migration applications. Our sharp methodologies integrate the use of tools to automate tasks such as testing, leading to faster release schedules and greater accurateness. Our professionals have experience with a variety of tools to support specific migrations and porting activities technologies and are generally multi-skilled to be straight away deployed on cross-platform re-engineering and migration projects

Our services include

  • Migration across databases, application servers, languages and operating systems.
  • Upgrading of legacy applications using different sets of technologies.
  • Web-enabling of client-server application, legacy application and desktop applications.
  • Reengineering and improvements of applications to re-align existing systems with business processes and needs.


Successful product implementation means establishing product to congregate client’s unique business and technical necessities. The product should be seamlessly integrated with the existing database, business processes and legacy systems. In addition, customization of product may be desired to tight fit the existing business process.

Our experts can provide you with implementation services for your product. Our team consists of experienced consultants, skilled business and quality analysts and developers. Our product implementation services include

  • Installation and data acceptance
  • Customization of components/functionalities specific to client’s requirements.
  • Integration with on hand business processes, legacy systems and database

In addition, our product implementation services also development of documentation, comprise training end-users, and design of controls and security. We utilize methodologies with proven practices to complete our implementation Applications on time and within our financial plan.

Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance is a “vital” but not central part activity for many software companies. Organizations typically have many applications and software products in use and so outsourcing the support and maintenance activities give significant values and cost benefits to these organizations. As well product development companies gain competitive benefits by outsourcing support and maintenance and focusing more on delivering of new products and its versions.


X-mx onshore-offshore model allows us to offer 24/7 support and maintenance. We Provide support via phone, e-mail, IM chat and if desired, through web meetings. In our typical onshore-offshore model, the onshore team is responsible for onsite troubleshooting, handling user doubts and resolving them, while the offshore team will be responsible of handling major issues, product enhancement, Documentation writing and bug fixing. However, the precise tasks and responsibilities of both the onshore and offshore team are decided with conversation with the client.

X-mx Infosoft experts understand your business requirements and therefore provide you cost effective support and maintenance services. X-mx have the right blend of strong management team, technical expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure, matured processes, commitment, dedication and desire of adhering to excellence standards. Our support and maintenance services includes

  • Software product support and maintenance
  • Remote network security management
  • Remote database management
  • Legacy application support and maintenance

In addition, our product implementation services also development of documentation, comprise training end-users, and design of controls and security. We utilize methodologies with proven practices to complete our implementation Applications on time and within our financial plan.

Our time to resolve and time to respond depends on the severity level of Problem Request. We classify three levels

  • Severity Level 1: System is down or is not working, and this has severe impact on business. Time to respond is one hour and we try our level best to resolve the problem in one day.
  • Severity Level 2: Malfunctioning that has impact on industry, but workaround is accessible. Time to respond is from 4-24 hours. Time to resolve will depend on the intricacy of the problem.
  • Severity Level 3: Malfunctioning that does not have any major impact on industry. Time to respond is 24 hours. Time to resolve will depend on intricacy of the problem