SharePoint Development

Microsoft Office SharePoint Services

X-mx Infosoft implements and deploys Microsoft SharePoint Development Services in client organizations in order to help them improve employee productivity and efficiency of their business processes. Windows SharePoint includes a set of tools and components that can be used to create SharePoint websites. A whole range of ASP.NET components and web parts can be assembled and integrated to develop tailor made solutions that match the unique requirements of each organization. SharePoint can be used to create online workspaces to conduct meetings, discussions, and other collaborative tasks that helps employees to pool resources and work for efficiently thereby improving the productivity of individual users as well as the team as a whole.


Companies Intranet Portals:

X-mx Infosoft leverages the power of Microsoft SharePoint to provide you with a complete Intranet portal for your company. Share and manage announcements, tasks, events/calendars, document libraries, pictures, discussion threads, and more through a single web-based portal. No need to purchase your own network file server—your Intranet portal is ready!

Document Management:

X-mx Document management services on SharePoint includes several pre-defined document libraries where you can store all of your documents and files. You determine which users have permissions to read or make changes to documents. Use these document libraries to store all of your company forms, HR and benefits documents, project files, proposals, sales contracts, etc.

Integrate with Outlook:

Integrate and can share data with Outlook. From your Microsoft Outlook Inbox, you can subscribe to a contacts list within SharePoint. This means a customer or employee contact list within SharePoint portal and will always be up-to-date and synchronized to your Outlook software. You can also subscribe to events/calendars and have them shown within Outlook

Events, Tasks, Announcements, Lists:

Track all of your company news, events, meetings, announcements, employee directories, or customer lists. Track customer calls and see which are still active and which are of high priority. Arrow Track sales calls, proposals, and contract awards along with reporting and graphs to track activities.