Web Portal Designing & Development

X-mx specialists have been creating custom portal solutions on .Net, Java and PHP technologies. To reduce outlay and provide more scalable and robust solutions, X-mx has developed its own custom CMS framework that can be used for future web portal development. It includes the following features:

custom portal
  • Simultaneous Content Management: several editors can work on the content at the same time; the administrator reviews and publishes the changes made.
  • Easy-to-build website forms to publish data to the database (or to Sales Force and Eloqua CRM systems) and send e-mails; website skin management.
  • Regional website content management: the ability to maintain a number of regional websites with common pages (events, press releases, forms, etc.). Local information is presented in different languages (contacts, legislation, sales procedures, etc).
  • Internet marketing promo campaign creation: an editor creates independent promo sites with registration forms dedicated to a special offer or promotional event. The editor integrates the promo site with the corporate site and publishes forms there.
  • Real-time publishing of financial information (historical stock data, AMF and SEC filings, and stock quotes) on the corporate website.
  • SEO of website metadata: default metadata (urls, titles, keywords) is based on SEO principles.
  • Comprehensive search features, including PDF and Word documents published on the website

Enterprise Portal Development

Today Enterprise Portals have become a common component of IT infrastructure. They allow for effective organization of business processes management with workflow; fast and convenient information sharing, project collaboration and multi-platform search; establish a single point of access for information management; and instantly improve coordination with business partners, suppliers, and customers.

X-mx Consulting offers full cycle development and deployment services for enterprise portal solutions:

  • Consulting, analysis and development requirements management
  • Portal architecture creation and prototype making
  • Custom Solution Development
  • Application Integration
  • Deployment and Configuration of Out-of-the-box Solutions (MS SharePoint, IBM Web Sphere)
  • Training and Technical Support

X-mx specialists have vast experience in customization and configuration of MS SharePoint, IBM Web Sphere Portal, and Liferay solutions, as well as development of custom solutions on .Net, Java, PHP and RoR technologies. Enterprise Portal solutions, developed by X-mx Infosoft, support strategic initiatives that span multiple departments and stretch enterprise boundaries.