Web Re-Engineering

X-mx Infosoft provides multitude of services for many organizations that have already accepted online medium of conducting business, it is time to refocus their strategies and image by means of web site re-engineering. Whether it’s improving their online presence, developing a new web site for their offline brand image or staying one step ahead of their competitors, the key to surviving in this ever evolving IT is continuous improvement and implementing new and innovative standards.


Our professional web experts / artists / designers allow small / medium businesses to extend their reach and market their products around the world through innovative new web design concepts. Nowadays Speed and liveliness have become the new metric of innovation.

X-mx Team is comprised of experienced Website Re-Engineering resources, Business improvement and Internet Marketing resources that together with culmination of years of experience are ready to take your brand/business forward to face the challenges into the next decade. At X-mx we make it our goal to ensure that we create online accomplishments for business and brands by assuring that their Websites have the vision, visibility and usability required to capture the target consumer market.

Website Reengineering Offerings

  • Re-Engineer Existing Websites
  • Entire Site Makeovers
  • Facelift Site UI
  • Quality Control implemented into Existing Websites
  • Content Re-Writing
  • Conversion from HTML to Div Tags
  • Migration of Websites (ASP to AS.NET)
  • Support and Maintenance of Websites
  • Adding Functionality to Existing Sites
  • Adding Back-End Modules
  • Re-Branding & Re-Strategizing Corporate Image.