Website Design in India

X-mx Infosoft has taken charge to make your website design more lucrative and unique. We go with our vision of helping small and mid size enterprises (SME) to establish their brand value on internet through our web design, web development, website redesign and web development services provided by our India development center. We have variety of website design services under one roof that are described in detail as follows

website design

Static Website Designing

The static website design is applicable to the business or product or service that has minimal or almost no scope of frequent changes in content or graphics. We offer a custom made website design templates considering the clients line of business. It could be a 10-15 pages website design templates or more but static website designs are always minimal in pages. The website design of 10 pages normally costs around$249 or more based on the requirements of the client.

Dynamic Website Designing

Dynamic websites have more frequent changes in content or graphics in a short of span of time. The Site remains same but new pages are added / updated through content management system (mostly Drupal or Joomla). We make sure to design such website with easy navigation for users as well as our clients. Though this website design is based on content management system developed on Drupal / Joomla /DotNetNuke platform, our customer need not to be a technical guy to change the content on the website. A dynamic website design costs our customers anywhere between $749 or more based on requirements.

Flash Website Designing

It gives an ultimate experience when we use Adobe Flash on websites, websites designed using Flash gives an eye catching look to the websites. Our Designers can help you determine what all pages or features of your websites should be designed in Flash. Normally the Flash website designs are full of Animations and suitable to Fashion, TV or entertainment industry but a limited use of flash in headers or in the middle of HTML pages makes any normal website or excellent class. A full video can be imported in flash and shown to the users of website without installing any other video software. Flash website design has so many capabilities to make a great user experience but not everyone wants it. A Complete Flash website design costs our customers anywhere between$549 or more based on requirements.