J2ME Development Services

Mobile development for the J2ME platform

J2ME is a JAVA 2 Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME). J2ME provides flexible environment for Mobile Application. We are developing Native J2ME Mobile Application Development, Blackberry Application, Bluetooth Application, JSR 75, XMPP chat

J2ME mobile application is a based on CLDC/MIDP and different JSRs. X-mx Infosoft provides offshore development and Outsourcing services based on several years of experience in executing projects based on Mobile Application Development using J2ME. Our J2ME Developers have a proficient expertise in creating applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.


J2ME is a reliable, high usability technology platform that has a proven track record with superlative supporting services. These key ingredients of makes J2ME a successful turnkey solution for all users. J2ME is the most widespread technology in mobile communication due to its main advantage: targeting a multitude of platforms, consequently powering most of today’s smart mobile devices.

Leveraging our expertise in JAVA 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), we have skilled team of developers to develop J2ME mobile application which is the widely used platform by major mobile manufacturers. Our experts have in-depth knowledge in JSR, Technologies and Tools


  • JSR 135 Mobile Media API
  • JSR 179 Location API
  • JSR 180 SIP API
  • JSR 184 Mobile 3D Graphics API
  • JSR 205 Wireless Messaging API
  • JSR 234 Advanced Multimedia Supplements
  • JSR 257 Wireless Messaging API (WMA)
  • JSR 82 Bluetooth API